“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but rather a choice.” ~ William Jennings Bryan

Who We Are

| The Band of Lawyers |

 The Firm was established since year 2010 as a flagship boutique law firm in a very unique office establishment. Managing a law firm is an art, and this art is an insight that takes time and experiences to shine. Through the years of experience acquired by our team of talents, the firm have achieved unprecedented height and great result.

Our approach to the Law is more practical and overcoming all the technicalities with result orientated in mind to achieve the objective set by our Client. In fact, the concept of ‘Business As Usual’ are widely adopted to ensure there are no interruption of any on going business in view of the legal turbulences facing by client(s).

Law, is not difficult at all. In fact it was very approachable and we able to decipher the technicalities and put it to you in your own language. You think the Law is hard to understand, come and meet us. We will do the explanation to which you will be pleased and relief.

Winning is not everything, but settling the problems will be the ultimate objective. In fact, solving the problems would be our expertise and the ultimate goal for client(s).

We are enthusiastic on cases where involved public interest, class actions, constitutional issues, new area of the legislations, constructions, family, commercial, civil liberties and commercial disputes, etc.

We firmly believe that outstanding advocacy can be achieved without compromising ethical values. We always pay attention to the key details of everything that our client(s) convey to us from every aspect. We are the mercenary to get the jobs done.

What We Do

| Professional Services in Different Variant of Law |

We offer comprehensive professional services from general litigation, conveyancing, corporate merger and acquisition to every aspect of clientele. Comprehensive dispute resolution department is lead by our firm’s different divisions depends on the expectation and level of expertise required. The firm provide services to which will flawlessly turn any complex and complicated business problems or disputes into practical and realistic solution.

Whether you’re looking for the people whom able to converse the languages to acquire corporate, commercial, civil or construction solutions, or even probate and administration of estates, family matters,  we are here for you.

The areas of practise are, inter-alia:-

Constructions, Adjudication, Alternate Dispute Resolution
Contractual Disputes
Corporate Exercise / Restructuring
Recoveries and Execution of Judgments
Criminal Law
Merger and Acquisition
Corporate and Shareholders Disputes
Intellectual Properties
Franchise Disputes

‘ Despite having grey areas, it doesn’t mean you have to take it as a defence by ignoring the risks of uncertainty.’

Our Team

| The Team |

Foo Hiap Siong, William
Founder, Managing Partner

Chua Chia Ying, Pinko
Advocate & Solicitor

Goh Chiau Wee, Priscilla
Advocate & Solicitor

Chang Mun Ching, Yukie
Advocate & Solicitor

What We Believe

| Intergrity, Trust and Believe |

D espite having grey areas, it doesn’t mean you have to take it as a defence by ignoring the risks of uncertainty. The Law is strict and rigorous and thus, it is always there to preserve the integrity. This is in line with our firm believes where we always uphold the term “integrity” at all costs.

Integrity is a personal quality of fairness that all of us in our firm aspires and it’s a personality that we all admire and preserve not only in our work but in our life as well.  Our lawyers have the passion as well as the tenacity to seek for opportunities and solutions for each and every client, instead of giving up when one way does not work.

Each and every one at Foo Hiap Siong & Co, aim to work well with our client by aiding them with our analytical and advocacy skills and are always prepared and professional in the legal fraternity. But remember this, “I am lawyer, not magician” and that we will and always do our best for our client but we cannot perform miracles and magic. Trust us that we will do well and we will give you all.

Messrs Foo Hiap Siong & Co

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| How to Reach Us? |

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Address: 22B & 22C, Jalan BS 9, Taman Bukit Segar, 43200 Cheras, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Tel: + 6 03 9105 6388

Fax: + 6 03 9105 6388