“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but rather a choice.” ~ William Jennings Bryan

Who We Are

| The Band of Lawyers |

The Firm was established by Mr. William Foo Hiap Siong since year 2010 as a flagship boutique law firm under a unique office establishment. To Mr William, managing a law firm is an art that requires an insight developed through time and experience for it to shine. The result is however rewarding as the Firm has been achieving unprecedented positive results worth celebrating in each litigation segment.

Our approach to the Law is pragmatic rather than theoretical. We often endeavour to overcome technical difficulties while meeting our clients’ objectives. Despite facing the infamous COVID-19 pandemic where most business entities are ground to a halt, our business runs without fail with the support of IT advancement to ensure no interruption in our clients’ ongoing legal affairs.

Law is not difficult at all. We find that it is approachable, and we can decipher the legal jargon and simplify it to your understandings. Come and meet us if you think Law is difficult to comprehend. We shall explain it to your satisfaction.

Next, we always adopt a reasonable and logical approach whilst resolving matters on behalf of our clients. Most importantly, we believe that winning is not about everything, but resolving problems for you is definitely our ultimate goal.

We are passionate about cases involving public interest, class actions, constitutional issues, improvement and / recommendations on legislation, constructions, family, commercial, civil liberties and commercial disputes, and niche areas of Law.

We firmly believe that outstanding advocacy can be achieved without compromising ethical values. We place utmost attention on our clients’ legal affairs and needs. In short, we are the advocate to get the jobs done.

What We Do

| Professional Services in Different Variant of Law |

We offer comprehensive professional legal services from general litigation, conveyancing, corporate merger and acquisition to every aspect of our clientele. A comprehensive dispute resolution department is formed under different divisions depending on each case’s expectation and level of expertise. The firm provides impeccable services to convert complex and complicated business problems or disputes into practical and realistic solutions.

If you are looking for lawyers who can assist you in the technical and non-technical aspects of corporate, commercial, civil, construction, probate, family, we are here for you.

The areas of practise are, inter-alia:

Constructions, Adjudication, Alternate Dispute Resolution
Contractual Disputes
Corporate Exercise / Restructuring
Recoveries and Execution of Judgments
Criminal Law
Merger and Acquisition
Corporate and Shareholders Disputes
Intellectual Properties
Franchise Disputes

What We Believe

| Integrity, Trust and Believe |

D espite the existence of grey areas in Law, one needs to see that the risk of uncertainties does not always avail you a defence. The Law is in fact strict and rigorous to preserve integrity. This aligns with our firm’s belief that we always uphold the term “integrity” without a shadow of doubt. Integrity is a quality of fairness that our firm aspires to achieve, and it is a moral principle that we all admire and to preserve not only in our work but in our life as well. 

Our lawyers are passionate and tenacious in seeking opportunities and solutions for every client instead of giving up halfway when one approach does not work.  At Messrs Foo Hiap Siong & Co., every associate is armed with extensive analytical and advocacy skills to litigate. They are always well-prepared to maintain professionalism within the legal fraternity.

We strive to do our best for our clients, but remember this, “I am a lawyer, not a magician” as we cannot perform miracles and magic. Trust us that you are in good hands.

Our Team

| The Team |

Foo Hiap Siong, William
Founder, Managing Partner

Chua Chia Ying, Pinko
Senior Associate

Chang Mun Ching, Yukie

Goh Chiau Wee, Priscilla
Senior Associate

Kiong Sze Min, Bernard

Khoo May Yee, Amely
Senior Associate

Loi Shu Ting, Jestine

Siow Yoong Kei

Wee Ter Niss, Toniss

Cheong Yin Mui, Agnes
Finance Manager

Ng Wei Kiat, Jack
IT Manager

‘ Despite having grey areas, it doesn’t mean you have to take it as a defence by ignoring the risks of uncertainty.’

Messrs Foo Hiap Siong & Co

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| How to Reach Us? |

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Address: No.38A1-2F, Shamelin Business Centre, Jalan 4/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: + 6 03 9105 6388

Fax: + 6 03 9105 6388